About us

Nubos is your partner in conceptualizing, installing, optimizing, and making your in-house and online IT systems more efficient. Nubos operates under the principle that automation should make our lives easier, not more complicated. The motto of Nubos, 'Let IT work for you,' underscores the idea that automation should work on your behalf rather than you working with automation.

Since 2004, we have been active on the world wide web. While we initially operated under the name 'Neo Webdesign,' we transitioned to Nubos in 2017. We are an all-around IT company with extensive expertise in e-commerce and marketing solutions, technical project management, and API integrations.


Nubos specializes in developing custom middleware, often leveraging APIs and web services. In an era where everything can be interconnected, and many companies claim to have a one-size-fits-all solution, our experience has shown that customization is often the superior choice. We approach each challenge individually, drawing upon the knowledge and experience we have gained over the years. By efficiently implementing integrations tailored to the client's workflow, we can quickly achieve operational efficiency that seamlessly fits into the business operations.

E-commerce / Marketing 

Online shopping has seen tremendous growth in recent years, and e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Lightspeed, and WooCommerce have thrived as a result. While having a successful online store is great, it also presents unique challenges. We have had the privilege of assisting many clients in devising effective solutions and creating integrations with back-office systems, payment gateways, and marketing systems.

Scans and Sharing Expertise 

In addition to actively creating and maintaining web applications, we also conduct assessments of existing applications and configurations. By working closely with individuals on the ground to identify and implement solutions, a positive atmosphere is fostered, and knowledge is exchanged. Systems are only as strong as their weakest link, making it crucial to identify and address issues. This includes stress-testing your web environment or conducting a code review, for example.

What our customers say about us?

As a media company, we regularly need to make adjustments to various software systems, deliveries, operating systems, and work processes. For some of these challenges, we have engaged Nubos to:

- Align the functionality of our existing editorial system with various online needs and functionalities.

- Create smart integrations. Previously, many actions had to be performed in various places and in different systems. By building smart integrations, Nubos has reduced these actions to a single place where information is entered once.

- Automate various tasks using existing systems. This includes automatically generated television program schedules, automatic monitoring and processing of various log files, and, if necessary, triggering alarms based on their content.

Nubos' involvement in creating various small and large custom solutions as additions to, or lubrication between, existing systems has proven to be of great value. This enables us to respond effectively to market developments and ensure our continuity with significant time savings.

Wiljan Pongers | Hoofd faciliteiten - Omroep West

Our website is one of our most important tools for informing (potential) professionals and clients about our services and the vacancies we have open. It is important to have control over the content offered on our website. In mid-2016, we came into contact with Nubos during our search for a partner who could assist us in achieving our goal of bringing our frontend under our own control. We found it necessary to decouple it from our CRM package (backend) given our ambitions and growth plans.

Coen from Nubos, as project leader and expert, ensured that we could realize these goals step by step. Firstly, by establishing connections between our frontend and our CRM software, we immediately gained a lot of freedom. The entire development of the frontend, from concept to a production-ready version, was the next challenge. This process immediately took into account the new "standards" in terms of SEO, big data, etc.

At the time of writing this testimonial, Nubos is working on a standardization process for data processing. We want to minimize the time wasted on manual data entry. This will involve setting up an automated process for sending out mailings, newsletters, and other standard messages.

Joinuz will continue to make frequent use of Nubos' services in the coming years. We have several optimization projects in the pipeline where we can use their expertise effectively!

Norbert Koenen | Operationeel directeur - Joinuz

He is direct, correct, professional, and cooperative. For an entrepreneur, a trouble-free website is an absolute necessity, as is a reliable web administrator. I can recommend Coen van der Kolk to anyone.

Jos Martin | EHBO4kids

Coen is always very helpful; whatever you ask for is arranged immediately. No curt emails, he really takes the time. He communicates clearly, which is particularly pleasant if you have little technical knowledge. To top it off, it's also affordable! If you're looking for a reliable service, I can recommend Nubos on all fronts!

E.J.H. Hoonhout | Haptomotion