Accounting Software Integrations

As a business owner, you want to focus on your core business processes. You primarily want to engage in your profession and not deal with the administration. Accounting software integrations can be very helpful. For example, you can automatically record the invoices from your webshop through a webshop integration, or you can link your current accounting software to accountant software for your accountant.

The more you can automate, the more convenience it brings. It simply means you don't have to invest as much time in the less enjoyable aspects of running a business. Administration should be carefree, and there are numerous accounting software integrations available.

Which accounting software integrations do we provide? 

You have a choice of various Dutch-language accounting software packages. There are also various integrations available for these different packages. For example, would you like to integrate it with your accountant's software, or do you want a webshop integration? Nubos has experience with the following accounting software:

If your accounting software logo isn't listed, don't worry. Please feel free to contact us. We also have experience with "foreign" accounting software. Therefore, we can create any integration.

Benefits of accounting software integrations for your administration

Accounting software integrations can bring more efficiency. Do you want your administration to always be in order? Then it's advisable to create an integration between two systems. Below is an overview of the benefits:

Your administration is always up to date. Fully automated at any time of the day. No more manual actions, saving you both time and money. Invoices can be processed automatically. The integration works from the same application, so you don't need to log in to third-party systems.

What accounting software integrations are available?

There are numerous accounting software integrations that you can have developed. The integrations are created from a source system, which can be, for example, an e-commerce package or a CMS package. Information can then be exchanged between different systems. This can include customer information, work hours, collective bargaining agreement (cao) information, lease information, products, or invoices. These are just a few examples. We would be happy to explain this with a case study.

A sample case study

Recently we have created an integration between the Otys and Nmbrs systems. The integration ensures that information for secondment is sent from Otys to Nmbrs. In Otys, the data is processed: work hours, cao information, lease information, and more. This information can then be used to calculate hours, travel expense reimbursement, and any sick hours. As a result, there is always an up-to-date overview between two systems, and no manual work is required. Do you have a similar case? Or do you have another case where we can assist you? Please don't hesitate to contact us.

Do you want to receive more information?

Do you want to have a Accounting Software API integration developed? Our experts specialize in creating these APIs. Whatever your requirements, we can build it for you.

This technology can save your organization a lot of time and money. We have been working with APIs for years and have successfully completed hundreds of projects. This makes us well-versed in all industries, and we can realize any integration. Request a no-obligation quote today and experience what an integration can do for your organization.



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