What are job boards?

Job boards are online platforms that connect job seekers and employers. They serve as a central hub where employers can post their job vacancies, and job seekers can search for suitable jobs. Job seekers can upload their resumes and apply for vacancies posted by employers. Job boards offer a wide range of job listings in various industries and levels, providing job seekers with a comprehensive selection.

Benefits of job boards 

Using job boards offers several benefits for employers:

  1. Increased visibility of job vacancies: By posting your job vacancies on job boards, you increase the chances of them being seen by a large number of job seekers. Job boards have a broad reach and attract many visitors daily.
  2. Reaching a broader audience of job seekers: Job boards have a diverse audience of job seekers, ranging from recent graduates to experienced professionals. This allows employers to reach potential candidates who may not have been aware of their job openings otherwise.
  3. Ability to conduct targeted searches: Job seekers can perform targeted searches on job boards based on criteria such as location, job title, and industry. This ensures that your job vacancies are displayed to relevant candidates actively seeking jobs in your specific field.
  4. Improving the efficiency of the recruitment process: Job boards offer tools and functionalities that streamline the recruitment process. This includes features like automatic notifications of new applications, resume databases, and filters to sort candidates based on relevant criteria.

Popular job boards in the Netherlands 

In the Netherlands, there are several popular job boards used by both employers and job seekers. Some well-known examples include:

  • Indeed: Indeed is a globally recognized job board with a wide reach. It offers a comprehensive range of job listings in various industries and is a favorite destination for job seekers due to its user-friendly interface and advanced search functionalities.
  • Werkzoeken.nl: Werkzoeken.nl is a Dutch job board that focuses on the local job market. It offers a wide range of job listings in various regions of the Netherlands. Job seekers can easily search by location and job title to find relevant vacancies.
  • Monsterboard: Monsterboard is a well-known international job board with a strong presence in the Netherlands. It is known for its extensive job vacancy listings and advanced tools for job seekers, such as personal profiles and resume builders.
  • Talent.com: Talent.com, formerly known as Jobrapido, is a global job board that connects job seekers and employers. The platform offers a wide range of job listings in various sectors and is easy to navigate.

Drawbacks of traditional job boards 

While job boards offer many advantages, there are also some disadvantages that employers may encounter:

  1. High competition and market saturation: Job boards are widely used by employers, leading to high competition for job seekers' attention. It's essential to make your job vacancies stand out among the numerous other listings.
  2. Managing large volumes of applications: Popular job boards can generate a significant number of job applications, making it challenging to manage them all. Reviewing all applications and selecting the most suitable candidates can be time-consuming.
  3. Manual processing and transfer of application data: With traditional job boards, you often receive applications via email, requiring manual processing of application data and transferring it to your ATS (Applicant Tracking System). This can lead to inefficiencies and the risk of losing valuable application information.

Integration with Nubos Recruit 

To overcome the drawbacks of traditional job boards, Nubos Recruit offers an innovative solution. Nubos Recruit allows employers to connect directly with their own ATS, enabling them to receive applications directly within their own environment. This means there's no need for manual work to convert emails into the ATS, preventing applications from falling through the cracks and ensuring they seamlessly integrate into your workflow.

Benefits of Nubos Recruit 

Using Nubos Recruit provides various advantages for employers:

  1. Eliminates manual work in converting emails to the ATS: Nubos Recruit automatically imports applications into your ATS, eliminating the need to spend time and effort manually processing application data. This saves valuable time and results in a more efficient recruitment process.
  2. Prevents the loss of applications: With Nubos Recruit, applications are sent directly to your own workflow, minimizing the risk of missing valuable applications. You receive all applications in one central location, providing better oversight and faster responses to potential candidates.
  3. Simplifies and speeds up the recruitment process: By receiving applications directly in your own ATS environment, the recruitment process is significantly simplified and expedited. You can quickly review applications, select candidates, and take further steps, all within your familiar ATS environment.
  4. Provides a better candidate experience and higher efficiency for HR teams: Nubos Recruit not only enhances the experience for employers but also for applicants. Candidates can easily apply through job boards, knowing that their applications are received and processed promptly. For HR teams, this means less administrative work and more time to focus on selecting the best candidates.

How Nubos Recruit works 

Using Nubos Recruit is simple and intuitive. Here's a step-by-step explanation of the process:

  1. Integration with job boards: Nubos Recruit can be integrated with popular job boards like Indeed, Werkzoeken.nl, Monsterboard, and Talent.com. This allows employers to post vacancies directly from Nubos Recruit to these job boards.
  2. Receiving applications: When an applicant applies for a job vacancy on a job board, the application is automatically forwarded to Nubos Recruit. This happens seamlessly without the employer's intervention.
  3. Applications in your own environment: The applications are received directly within your own ATS environment. You have immediate access to all application data, including resumes, cover letters, and other relevant documents.
  4. Managing and selecting candidates: You can easily manage, filter, and sort the received applications based on specific criteria. This helps you identify the most suitable candidates and proceed with the selection process.

With Nubos Recruit, you don't need to worry about processing and managing applications from various job boards. Everything is consolidated in one system, ensuring efficiency and convenience in the recruitment process.


Job boards, such as Indeed, Werkzoeken.nl, Monsterboard, and Talent.com, play a crucial role in increasing job vacancy visibility and attracting potential candidates. They provide employers with the ability to reach a broader audience, conduct targeted searches, and improve the recruitment process.

However, traditional job boards can also present challenges, such as high competition, managing a large volume of applications, and manual processing of application data. This is where Nubos Recruit emerges as a valuable solution. By utilizing Nubos Recruit, employers can connect directly with their own ATS and receive applications directly within their own environment. This saves time, prevents the loss of applications, and streamlines the recruitment process.

With Nubos Recruit, employers can benefit from seamless integration with popular job boards and a streamlined process for managing and selecting candidates. It enhances the candidate experience and increases efficiency for HR teams.

In summary, using job boards in conjunction with Nubos Recruit is a powerful strategy for increasing the number of job applications and optimizing the recruitment process. Take advantage of these modern tools to maximize your chances of attracting the right candidates.